Cozy Cottage Farm

The Sun Also Sets


Writing from my little kitchen table, in my big country kitchen, in my cozy cottage in Cambridge, Washington County, Upstate New York, United States of America, North America, The World.
My world….through every window.

Reflecting on the sunrises and sunsets of my recent trip to the florida Keys:

I love my big country kitchen. The cabinets in my kitchen are old, 1950s vintage. The closures on the cabinets don’t work. I need to flick them to get them to close properly. The windows, many of them, each with a wonderful and different view of hills and the mountains just over the hills; and birds: blues, bright red cardinals, and the robins pecking the ground for worms. These many windows that I love, need to be propped open with various sticks of various sizes. I could have these things fixed, but I love these things. I love my house on the hill, from its dry basement where my cats use their litter and snuggle in many and sundry places. The main floor where this kitchen dominates the home. And the attic, unfinished when we arrived, now housing a bedroom, bathroom, and staircase library completed by my husband, Ray, and our son, Robin. Our daughter, Katharine, loves living up there while she finishes her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.

The house I left in the Florida Keys, by contrast, had big, brand-new windows! A completely modern kitchen: all shiny stainless steel. But when I went to use the big new dishwasher, it nearly killed me and almost cracked the nice new white ceramic tile floor. It was tricky, this modern machine. All I did was pull out the bottom dish holder, and the whole damn heavy thing came rushing out!!! Not to say that I don’t love dishwashers. I do love dishwashers. And I do have one in my cozy cottage on the hill. But it never tried to kill me. It is user friendly and inexpensive from good old Sears.

So as the sun sets on my wholly wonderful visit to Taverneir Key and Islamorada Key in the long, beautifully boring state of Florida, I return to snowflakes and robins seeking the worms they will find in the grasses peeking through the snow on the hill in front of the big picture window of this cozy cottage looking out to the Green Mountains of Vermont just across the border.


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4 thoughts on “The Sun Also Sets

  1. Hi Mary,
    Congratulations on your first blog! So glad you’ve joined the blogosphere! I Love the dishwasher anecdote! And the windows with sticks!
    Nice contrast. I miss the fantasy house, admittedly–the unreal light and airy feel of it all but I too am appreciating the return to grittiness, teaching, the intense creative energy of NYC, reality and me.

  2. Sheila T. Scott on said:

    Hey Mary:
    I love it! Very nice writing. It really depicts the old saying, “It’s really nice to get away, but it’s always so nice to come HOME!
    You’re LOVE of the “Little Cottage on the Hill” comes through loud and clear. The window description brought back so many memories of Milton Mills as I had to do the same. Yes, there is a comfort with the old. That must be why we’re so ‘comfortable’ with ourselves at this age. Welcome HOME♥
    Silly Sister Sheila

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