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Not On The Streets Where I Live


I took this picture with my handy iPhone while walking on Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn, New York. My son, Robin, his wife, Emily, and I had just come up from Florida by car. I stayed a couple of nights in Williamsburg at Emily’s apartment before Rob drove me back to Cambridge. Rob wanted to show me a few points of interest in Williamsburg. He was surprised at what I found interesting. Yes, some of the new developments in Williamsburg were heartening. It’s good to see the place of my birth being renewed and revived with shops and food places. We had brunch at “Egg”, serving eggs creatively and deliciously. But it was on the way to “Egg” that I took in the sights and sounds of Williamsburg. First, there was a corner junkyard. A big stuffed gorilla sat at a table waving. Then there was the graffiti here and there coloring various walls and places…including the entire bathroom, even the toilet bowl, that I used in a little cafe – ( the toilet paper itself was, mercifully, a blank untouched canvas). Finally, there were the bikes. The bikes of Brooklyn deserve a post all of their own. In fact, read me tomorrow!

But, I do not live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On the streets where I live, you will not see window displays featuring dressed up Bears wearing new Spring arrivals. You will see The Cambridge Hotel on Main Street, “Home of Pie Ala Mode”. You will see churches of every denomination complete with white steeples. The streets where I live are reminiscent of “Grovers Corners” in Thornton Wilder’s famous play, OUR TOWN. Or think of Jimmy Stewart running through the streets that he awakens to in the film, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. When we first moved here my daughter, Katharine, remarked, “Is this for real; it seems like a movie set.” Yes, with the little depot and old train station; Hubbard Hall, an opera house circa 1800’s, now used for Broadway-worthy performances of all kinds, and the Battenkill Bookstore, newly housed in a wonderful old building…yes, it does often seem like I am wondering around in a movie set. And, yet, it is all so real. Especially the people: the people at The Village Store; the people drinking coffee at The Cambridge Diner (think Garrison Keillor’s “Chatterbox Cafe”); the people at The Food Co-op, the farmers coming in with their eggs, the dairyman bringing in fresh glass bottles of milk and cream from the Battenkill Valley Creamery (please return bottles for deposit).

The picture below was not taken by me on the streets where I live. I used my iPhone to take it from my copy of “Cambridge Valley Community Guide ’12”. I will go into town today and see the same streets and buildings. But right now I am still in my pajamas about to eat a warm blueberry muffin that my husband, Ray, just toasted for me. See me soon at And have a nice day. Mary Rita.


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2 thoughts on “Not On The Streets Where I Live

  1. This is a great post, Mary! I love your writing
    I especially love the toilet paper as a blank canvas!!! So funny!
    I have to investigate the adult swim thing.
    I love all the stuff about Cambridge and pie ala Mode and the Our Town references.
    Such different worlds we live in, but I’ll always harbor a secret love for Cambridge! It reminds me do fondly of where I was born and raised.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Emily. I knew you’d enjoy the toilet paper remark. Cambridge misses you. Hubbard Hall is doing “Night of the Iguana”; and there’s an author night tomorrow at Battenkill Books. Love, Mary.

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