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Of Bikes and Brooklyn

A week ago today, I left Brooklyn. I was only there as a visitor. Actually, I was born in Brooklyn. In 1946 at the Brooklyn Naval Base Hospital. And, I loved teaching “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. I was visiting Brooklyn, however, because my friend and daughter-in-law, Emily Benson, has a “Writer’s Loft” apartment there.

While walking on Bedford Ave. with my son, Robin, I was struck with the colorful, creative use of graffiti. Especially this:

20120309-083506.jpg Let this be a warning not to leave your bike unattended for too long in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The creative drive to draw and add color may strike at any given moment! In fact, don’t stand still for too long or your Face might look like this:

20120309-084512.jpg and if that scares you, and you need to find a friendly place to park your bike, go inside, and relieve yourself…Watch Out for this:


Morning Musings from Mary.

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2 thoughts on “Of Bikes and Brooklyn

  1. Great post!!made me laugh! You’re a prolific blogger, the way it’s meant to be done!
    how glamorous to think of myself living in a writers loft!
    The bike photo installs newfound appreciation for this neighborhood and the intense artistic creative energy that leads to so much public art that adorns this otherwise gritty neighborhood— like bike sculpture and building murals.
    it helps alleviate the monotonous industrial grayscale of cities

    • Hi Em – I knew you’d enjoy the writers loft idea.
      One of the joys of my retirement – having time to learn and enjoy blogging.
      When it stops being fun, I’ll stop doing it. Right now I’m practicing while Rob’s here so he can guide me technically. He is quite pleased with my progress. I told him that my ideas have been in my mind for a long time now, but needed an outlet. So much of learning has to do with need and motivation. Love, Mary.

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