Cozy Cottage Farm

Whose Couch is this, anyway?

When we first moved into our cozy cottage on the hill, all we had in the living room were two green camp chairs. But they were facing the big picture window looking out on the Green Mountains, and that was enough for me. As time went by, we bought a long, very country floral comfy couch, and faced it looking out that same big picture window. My husband, Ray, and I loved sitting on that big couch looking out that big window. Then we got two Labs; we already had two cats!!


Actually, the Lab puppies were a surprise. I surprised my husband by getting them for him for Father’s Day! The first puppy was an 8 week old Chocolate Lab whose AKC official name is
“Choco Lot”. My husband was in the hospital that Father’s Day of 2007 having survived a brush with death way too close for comfort. Relatives said I was crazy to bring a puppy into the house while my husband was still hospitalized, requiring daily visits to Albany Medical Center. But my heart and my son and daughter knew better. Coming home from a place of sickness and death each day to a rambunctious, funny, hungry, and ever-growing bundle of love was just what we all needed after weeks on life support. Rob, Katharine, and I began taking turns staying home with Choco that summer. My husband, Ray, did not know about him until puppy Choco was 4 months old. We introduced them outside the Starbucks across from Albany Medical Center…Ray still in a wheelchair…exclaiming, “You didn’t!” We said, “He’s your Father’s Day present”. It was August by then. We had all survived a long summer. My husband’s protest was mild and in a moment he had Choco eating out of his hand.

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