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Where’s my other shoe?


Actually, its a slipper – but, you get the point. This is my story this morning. And I love it. My dog, Choco, a 5 year old chocolate Lab wakes me up either of two ways. If the bedroom door is closed, he bangs his big long tail on the bedroom door like a drum beat. TH-thump, th-thump, th-thump. Loud and continually, until either my husband, Ray, or I get up and let him out back for his morning business. If the bedroom door is open and I happen to still be in the bed, Choco comes around to my side of the bed, picks up my slipper, hits me on the head with it, and then guides me through the kitchen to the back door. He only drops the slipper as I open the door to let him out! There’s one other way I can get my missing slipper or shoe from Choco…that’s to offer him a “TREAT” – drop goes the shoe. In this case “when the other shoe drops” is a good thing.


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4 thoughts on “Where’s my other shoe?

  1. Anne Mann on said:

    Hi Rita. I loved the story about Choco. Labs love to use there mouths and it can b very cute . Our Nikki would walk all over the house carrying her large heavy food bowl to announce when she was hungry!

  2. Sheila T. Scott on said:

    Right on Choco♥ Just love the morning routine. They are like us, aren’t they? Creatures of habit!
    Love, Silly Sister Sheila

  3. Hi Sheila – thanks for sending the poem. And thanks for reading and commenting. MRS

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