Cozy Cottage Farm

It’s raining cats and dogs, Part 2

7 Dogs and 7 cats! What kind of a person lives with 7 dogs and 7 cats? Bronson’s owner does.
Betty (not her real name, until I get her permission to write about her) – Betty lives near here in an old farm house. There’s a worn oriental rug in the living room. Very worn. Off the living room, there’s a puppy room set up near a black wood burning stove. On the other side of the living room, there’s the big dog room with 6 crates for 6 dogs to sleep in; their own bedroom, kind of like a doggie-dorm right in the house! Bronson gets to sleep on the couch.

Bronson, a handsome 5 year old black Lab, short and stout, big square head and shoulders, is the only stud on the property. He and my 3 year old yellow Lab, Amazing Grace, have been dating! Last night was Date#2. Grace does not give up the goods lightly and so tonight we go back for Date#3. Last night, my daughter, Katharine, Bronson’s owner, and I watched the mating dance between Bronson and Grace. Now I know why Betty’s oriental rug is so worn!

I’m hoping that Bronson gets the job done in short order tonight because I do not want to miss Results Night on Dancing With the Stars. It will be interesting to see the results of both contests: who gets eliminated and who hangs in there?

to be continued…

Amazing Grace – who could resist that face?

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