Cozy Cottage Farm

6 Dormers


Who are those people on my roof? And what are they doing to my house?

My husband, Ray, a retired architect and home designer, assured me that the new dormers would not leak, the roof would not cave in! It was too painful to watch; I took a drive to Saratoga Springs to visit my friend, Laurie.

When we bought our cozy cottage on the hill facing the Green Mountains of Vermont, there were 3 dormers – but – they were not facing the Green Mountains of Vermont. They were facing County Route 59 (Center Cambridge Road). There are tall trees blocking any view. Besides, who would want a view of CR 59: trucks, cars, and bikers? An aerial view of our house (circa 1950) shows a very different view. There were no trees blocking the view from the 3 original dormers. County Route 59 was very much a country road. But still the view facing the Green Mountains was so much more desirable. Plus, my husband assured me, 3 more dormers would add great air circulation to the attic, soon to be converted to a bedroom. Still, I was doubtful.

Ray was right. Rob, our son, who agreed with his father, was right, the workers they hired were good enough. They came back and fixed the couple of problems I got crazy over! And now we have a view to be envied. My daughter, Katharine, lives upstairs in what was an unfinished attic (circa 2004) and is now a large bedroom with an attached bathroom. The view from the 6 dormers is amazing, through every window, during all 4 seasons.

This Post is dedicated to my husband, Ray, and our son, Robin, for their vision, persistence, and hard work. They finished the attic themselves, only hiring a plumber for the rough plumbing, and Home Depot to install the carpeting. Here’s to MANPOWER – ya’ gotta’ love those guys!!


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