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Refrigerator Art


This is a picture I just took with my iPhone. It is of the top portion (freezer section) of my Kenmore Refrigerator from Sears. It tells a story. Actually, several stories. The top left corner has a horse magnet from one of my favorite places, Saratoga Springs, NY. This magnet also reminds me of my long-time friend, Laurie, who was born and raised in Saratoga Springs, but who I met in Florida more than 25 years ago. Laurie now lives near Glens Falls, not too far from me. Our friendship which started down South continues up North. My horse magnet holds “A Prayer for Animals” by Albert Schweitzer that is more eloquent than anything I could say about it.

The top center magnet, a chair with flowers on it, holds a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. This poem has been on every refrigerator door of my life for the last 26 years. It has great meaning for me and has seen me through many a crisis. It says, “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart/
try to love the questions themselves/…the point is to live everything/…Live the questions now/…
Live along some distant day into the answers.”

Another magnet from my sister, Connie, says, “The first rule of love is to listen”. And I love the funny one from my daughter, Katharine, that shows 3 old witches commenting to one another, one says: “They tell me that you’ll lose your mind when you get older./ What they don’t say is that you won’t miss it very much”.
Just below the picture of the 3 witches, you can see 3 women: Connie, Pat Petry, and me on Halloween at my favorite eating establishment in Queens, NY, ” Bluebay Diner”. More stories there.

And I could go on…but, I won’t. What’s on your refrigerator door?

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2 thoughts on “Refrigerator Art

  1. Sheila T. Scott on said:

    Nothing- I now have a refrigerator that magnets don’t work on. Except for about 2 inches on the side where I do put my grocery list. My refrigerator art gets displayed on my bulletin board down in the basement, actually my dream board. It has all the places I want to see but my favorite is a picture of a man waterskiing at 100 years old. The caption reads “Who you calling old?” My list is next to his photo. It reads 1. Honor Family 2. Drink Red Wine 3. Stay Active 4. Find Purpose 5. Keep Friends 6. Eat Vegetables 7. Have Faith 8. Take Time Off 9. Celebrate Life. That says it all for me. I think and aspire to these everyday!
    To Your Health and Longevity♥

  2. I love it. Especially the Be Nice or Leave sign. And I want to see the 4- of -you-long-ago picture close up. We have two fish magnets holding nothing on our refrigerator, but in my office I have the equivalent of refrigerator art. Mostly quotes I want to remember and pieces of advice to myself. A few poems, a few pictures, a few invitations. Cards I particularly liked. And my favorite mixed metaphor, from a town council meeting, someone describing one of local officials: “He’s not thinking with a full deck of marbles.”

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