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My new do

My visit to my hairdresser this month was enough to curl my hair. That’s just what she did! I asked for it; and I got it. I look like Little Orphan Annie on steroids, or one of the Marx brothers, you know the one. Now I look like my three sisters and my daughter – all have tight curly hair. Gail, my hairdresser, gave me the missing gene. Actually, it looks good and I like it. Although, I don’t think my husband does. But he’ll get used to it, after all, I had to adjust to his thin grey hair. Fair is fair.

While Gail worked on my head, we talked. I call it “Hair Therapy”. We talked about the clips we each carry in our breasts due to recent benign biopsies. Then I said, “Actually, Gail, however my hair comes out is fine with me. When I went through my month of doubt and fear before I got the good news about my breast, I was imagining all sorts of horrors. Like chemotherapy and losing all my hair.” That’s when Gail told me about her friend, Jinny.

Jinny lives in Kentucky. She and Gail went to high school together here in Cambridge, New York.
The next day, the day after I got my curly new do, Jinny was scheduled to have her breast cut off. She was already bald. Gail spoke of Jinny’s faith, sense of humor, and four children. I thought of Jinny yesterday, Mother’s Day. A few blogs back, after I got the good news of my benign breast biopsy, I was musing about “the other woman”, the one who got the bad news. Now I know. Her name is Jinny. She lives in Kentucky. And I pray that her four children each had an opportunity to show her their love.

I also hope that each of you ladies reading this Post had a Happy Mother’s Day and that if you are having “a bad hair day” you will say a little prayer for Jinny. Gail was laughing when she told me about Jinny’s recent Facebook Post: Jinny surrounded by her four children, saying, “I’m the bald one in the middle”. If Jinny could be brave enough and silly enough to get a laugh out of Gail with that picture, I guess I can be brave enough to show you “my new do”.


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2 thoughts on “My new do

  1. Sheila T. Scott on said:

    I love it and it’s so easy to take care of.

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