Cozy Cottage Farm

Never a good time to vacuum

I just emptied the canister on my vacuum. It was loaded to the brim with the dust, dog hair, and everyday detritus of a life full of people and animals. Did I mention the two cats? One very old who sheds and one very full of fur – he looks like a hair ball bouncing along on four feet. Then there are the two Labs – lovable, but – have you every had a Lab?

So I was on the third canister full of dust, dog, and detritus ( I thought that alliteration was worth repeating ) when my husband, Ray, says: ” Mary, do you have to vacuum now?”. Well, if you are like me and would rather read than dust, or write than vacuum, or be outside gardening than inside cooking – well then you know that Ray’s question provides the perfect excuse to “turn off that damn noisy machine”. Ray didn’t actually say that, but it sounds like something he would say. And this is my blog. So there.

And, by the way, I do like to read and write, but when I go outside it’s usually to sit in my son’s garden, not to garden. Like I said, this is my blog and I thought more of you could relate to the gardening vs. cooking part. Know what I mean? A little writer’s license there. I was writing this post in my head while vacuuming. Time for a coffee break!


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