Cozy Cottage Farm

To Do or Not to Do?

I was just woken from a cat nap by a phone call offering me a free rug shampoo. “You don’t need to do anything” the peppy lady on the phone was saying, “the machine goes under beds and you don’t need to move any of your big furniture, just any small things on your floor”.

Hey lady, are you for real? There are so many shoes and slippers under my bed, and the small stuff on the floor is a major mess of clutter. Neat clutter, mind you; all in little piles and packages. Surprise packages. Important enough to be safely stored in my room which has become a major procrastination station! Here’s the problem: my room is my safe place. It’s where I go to take a rest from the kitchen that I do keep clean and tidy. So the last thing I want to do when I go in there is rummage through those piles on the floor and under the bed.

I did not tell all of this to the peppy lady, just that now was not a good time, and made a mental note to tell my friend, Laurie, not to give my name and number out to happy, peppy people who want to sell me something “for free”.


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