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My writing dog?

This is not my writing dog. This is my Everyday Grace who graces my life and my couch everyday.

I do my writing in the kitchen on a small white tile table on this iPad. My writing dog, Choco, a big chunk of chocolate lab, can often be found under this little table, at my feet as I write. Since I sometimes write early in the morning when no one else is yet awake in the house, or later in the evening when others have retired to their sleeping quarters, it is a great comfort to me to have Choco’s big dog head resting on my feet. Especially, if it happens to be chilly in the kitchen. And if I get up to get another cup of coffee in the morning or herb tea in the evening, it is touching how Choco will be right there sitting by my side.

But in the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal the real reason Choco stalks me in the kitchen.
Every snack I make, every bite I take, he is watching me! If he happens to be upstairs watching T.V. with my daughter, Katharine, and he hears a cookie wrapper noise as I stealthily sneak a treat from the cookie tin, he will be down those stairs in a flash displaying the most tender brown begging eyes and the best down dog behavior on the planet! So you can guess why Choco is at my feet as I write. Often my coffee break is accompanied by a cookie for me and…

When I need a break from the two best dogs in the world, I lure them into their crate with a treat!


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3 thoughts on “My writing dog?

  1. Patty Leisz Garcia on said:

    I can relate!! My Ollie, an English Bulldog, is the sweetest thing but lives for any crumb he may get, or come upon. He helps me keep away from snacks a lot of times since I know he’ll never let me have a cookie or whatever in peace! He will have to have one and we need to watch his weight (bulldogs don’t do well overweight….well who does?!?!). So i often just walk away from the cookie jar (unless he’s outside!).

    • Hi Pat – fun to see you on my blog! My two labs are my own personal weight watchers; they make me very aware of every bite I take! I tell them that they only get to eat twice a day and a couple of treats for good bevavior. If I followed that eating plan, I wouldn’t need the real Weight Watchers Program…which I have been avoiding! Love, Rita

    • Hi Pat – I replied on my blog. Your comment got through. Bravo! Rita

      visit me at

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