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Hot time summer in the country

First day of summer. Cambridge, New York. Very Hot!! Happy me.


Pool report: Attention Robin. I rolled back the bubble wrap sun cover from inside the pool. It was good exercise for me – arms & legs. Katharine helped me to store it in the hammock rig at back.

Katharine took this happy picture of me. Later in the day, I walked around the circumference of the pool and sprinkled in the Shock that Dad* bought. I closed the umbrella, secured the floats, and locked the gate to the pool. All is safe for the night.

*footnote: Dad did not go in the pool today. Katharine and I are giving him until the Fourth of July.
If he has not been in yet, we will re-enact the American Revolution against the British Aristocracy!
Only it won’t be tea that gets thrown in the water!!!

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One thought on “Hot time summer in the country

  1. Anonymous on said:

    wow…..wish i were there with you!!! how wonderful and yes, do get the Brit in the pool!!!!!

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