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Young and Beautiful


Oh, to be young and beautiful again! Not really, not now. But wasn’t it fun when we were? I’m so grateful that my husband and I can share in the excitement of another summer trip by the dynamic duo, Robin and Emily. It is wonderful to be able to remember when we did such wonderful things, and we did. No envy here. Just the joy of memory and the vicarious thrill of the armchair traveller.

I had just read a brief email from Emily who sent the following picture, a view from their balcony in Chamonix:


This picture motivated this post which was interrupted by a Tango call from Robin in the town of Chamonix at the Tourist Bureau which has free YFI. Talk about synchronicity and technology! There he was, our world traveller, on our little kitchen table speaking to us from Steve Job’s little miracle called the iPad! We could see Rob’s finger pointing to the tippy top of the snow- laden craggy mountain where he will hike tomorrow with Emily. Add strong and brave to young and beautiful that’s our Emily. Plus Rob says of his wife of almost a year now ( married 7/3/11) :
“Emily is an awesome travel partner and natural linguist”.

I know that one other mother will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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3 thoughts on “Young and Beautiful

  1. Oh Mary, how right you are! I did enjoy reading this. Every word. I too am loving following their travels, remembering ours, and wishing them joyous days together.

  2. What, you mean you aren’t young and beautiful now? Never think old. Or ugly.

  3. Sheila T. Scott on said:

    Great Photos! Can’t believe they’re in Chamonix. This is the home of my former Ski School Director, Patrique, who I worked for as a ski instructor for two years at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine way back in the early 70’s. My goodness, I wonder if he’s still in Chamonix and still as handsome as I remember him. Well, I’m sure he’s in his sixties, and that’s the new fifties, right? Wow! Would love to ski that mountain. Maybe, some day! Rob and Emily look like they’re having a wonderful time. Fabulous memories they are making!

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