Cozy Cottage Farm

The Puppy Papers

They are six weeks old. The Fab Four are Geraldine Noel, Bubba Gump, Mr. Big, and last but no longer least Rudi. Born in my breezeway in this cozy cottage on the hill on Dec. 9, 2012, they have been quite an experience!

I have read many newspapers these past six weeks. Or rather parts of articles and headlines as I set down a new batch of papers for my black Lab pups to pee on. I must say I got particular satisfaction as they pissed all over Boehner repeatedly! Ha, ha, ha take that you weepy Republican – now you have something to cry about.

The list of puppy observations and musings is endless, but my energy is not. So while they nap, so must I.


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One thought on “The Puppy Papers

  1. Here we have only cats and they are handful enough–but a joyful, endlessly entertaining handful.Enjoying the “kids” as well!

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