Cozy Cottage Farm

Farmer’s Granddaughter

My father was a dentist in the Navy. One of 11 children, he was raised by immigrant parents on a farm in Wisconsin. He was one of the only of his siblings to complete college and become a professional.

His Naval Career caused him to be stationed many places. One of them was The Brooklyn Navy Yard where I was born at the hospital there in 1946. Yes, I am a post war baby boomer. Raised in Queens, New York by a city girl mother, I only heard about my farming roots.

When I retired from my teaching job, I chose a country house on rolling hills in Washington County in Upstate New York. We have 3 acres of land which is a whole lotta land if you have been raised in a neighborhood of attached houses on a city block and raised your kids in a condo in Florida with a blacktop parking lot for a playground.

I always said that if I ever had a country property with a little land to fence in, I’d raise a litter of puppies. Why? Someone asked me recently. Why do people climb mountains? I never would. Not a really big one. But some people do. And some people raise puppies! Maybe it’s those farming roots coming out in me having skipped a generation.


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6 thoughts on “Farmer’s Granddaughter

  1. I really hope you do end up raising a litter of puppies ūüôā

  2. Sheila on said:

    Just adorable!!

  3. Patricia Garcia on said:

    how fun. really nice….actually i think pop was the ONLY child sent off to higher education. he told anne and me how his dad made the offer to him since his grades were so good and i also think that the dad probably noticed pop wasn’t too hard-working on the farm. the other sons worked really hard and the girls worked inside with their mom but i know pop wasn’t really good at hard labor.¬† his one job growing up was to go out and cut the wood for the furnace. he told us once he never wanted to see another log in his life!! hey…marian wrote recently and mentioned that’s not really her name. it’s a name the siblings gave her. her real name is Mary Magdelana.¬† she’s named for grandma sophia’s mom, magdelena and anton’s mom Mary. i love it.¬† she’s a¬†¬†great gal.¬† just got another note from her that sohpia’s birhtday was aug. 4.¬† i told her taht marissa and lily are the 3rd and i’m fairly certain that steve hoshimoto’s is aug. 4. i’ll check with connie. more proud of you being a farmer and puppy breeder and caretaker. loved the photo!!!!¬† funny, my cristina loves gardening and planting. she told me when she was 7 that she wanted to grow up to be a farmer!!! i fell over laughing. she’s good at it too and has a nice garden in the back yard. she’s so proud when her cantelopes come up and other veggies.¬† also she got some of that from the garcia side since george’s grandfather pedro had a farm and animals. he just loved that life. i don’t think i’m cut out for it and have no green thumb.¬† wish i did.¬† patty.

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