Cozy Cottage Farm

Bubba Love

And now they are married!

Cozy Cottage Farm

Brought together by Amazing Grace .



Here’s the story:

My daughter, Katharine, called a local vet to find a willing sire dog for our intact female yellow Lab, Amazing Grace. She was given Rose Marie’s name and number. Bronson, her 5 year old, unfixed black male Lab, was up to the task. That was last year at this time ( Sept. 2012).

Fast forward one year later – my daughter, Katharine, is now engaged to Rose Marie’s son, Conrad.

Here’s more of the story:
On Christmas Eve , 2012, my daughter and I went to the Holiday Service at the Presbyterian Church. The breeder, Rose Marie, and her tall handsome son Conrad were at the same service. I invited them to come to our home on New Year’s Eve to see the pups born of
The union of our Grace and their Bronson. By early January of 2013, Katharine and…

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2 thoughts on “Bubba Love

  1. I hear it was wonderful. Mazel tov!

  2. It was all so synchronistic! Such a great story!

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