Cozy Cottage Farm

My Act 3

Some people call it Retirement.  A former teacher friend, retired now, is amazed that she is becoming a talented Artist.  I became a dog breeder.  I now have the 8 year old mother dog and her two sons, one from each litter.  Then I got her fixed.  Being a dog breeder is very hard work.  And I love the puppies so much that I keep one.  I know my own limits.

In my Act 3, I also worked on the local Democrats committee for awhile.  Learned a lot about local politics.  And came to understand why “all politics is local”.  When you live in a rural farming community this becomes very clear in short order.  Locally, I vote my pocket book ( taxes ).

Other Scenes in my Act 3 include working at The Village Store and The Food CO-op.  Great ways to meet people and hear what’s going on.  I know more people in and around this small town than I ever did in bigger cities where I’ve lived.

And Blogging.  It’s writing without the stress.  I love writing.  I used to teach it to high school students. It always involved stress for them and for me. Oh, how I hate red pens!

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2 thoughts on “My Act 3

  1. Honest, informative, and inspiring. Thank you!

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