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Amazing Grace’s Olympics: 2/10/14

As I watched the athletes march into the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, my mind went back to Sochi 2014. My yellow Lab, Grace, was laboring to give birth…her second Olympics. She had her first litter in 2012. This time something unusual happened – one of the pups was a Preemie, perfectly formed but half the size of the other pups. Grace’s instinct to protect this vulnerable one was amazing to me. I slept on the couch that night to be near her and her newborns. She and her pups were in a blue plastic swimming pool near the fireplace. She kept the Preemie tucked under her paw. When I awoke in the morning, Grace was sitting by my feet on the couch and the Preemie was on my chest under the covers where she had placed it in the night. She was asking for my help with this one. The other pups in the pool were crying for her nipples, so I guided Grace back to her maternal duties. The Preemie only lived for two days. But I will never forget that moment of trust that Grace gave me.

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One thought on “Amazing Grace’s Olympics: 2/10/14

  1. Sheila Scott on said:

    A nice but sad remembrance that brought back litter memories for me back in 1988. Same scenario, except the PUP lived for a week and at the time I was able to take her to work with me but she ended up passing away. I remember crying like a baby at the loss of this tiny little puppy who just wasn’t meant to make it. Along with trying to keep her alive was the exhaustion of helping her 24/7, along with taking care of the mother and other pups. Thank you for posting this lovely story.

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