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That Girl


I bought this post card at the Kalapawai Market in Kailua, Hawaii on a recent trip. The card reminded me of my early days with my husband, Ray. Ray and I met on a beach in Nassau, Bahamas in 1972. I was 25 and he was 38.

This recent trip to one of the world’s famous beaches was to attend my niece’s wedding. The wedding did not take place on Halona Beach where the 1953 movie, From Here to Eternity, was filmed. However, a few days after the wedding, my son Robin, age 35, who was my travel companion and escort to Mary Hashimoto’s wedding guided me by bus and footpath to the top of Halona Blow Hole. Rob and I watched the mighty Pacific waves crash and blow. Then we walked some more. Whoever travels with Robin Scott, walks a lot! Arriving at the scene on this post card, we looked down on the site you see on this post card. Exactly. Not a bunch of people. No beach umbrellas or ice cream stands. The only way down and into that water was to scramble down on volcanic rocks on your own two feet, or in my case, mostly my butt! Not that I fell, I just trusted my butt more than my feet! But ( pun intended )…I didn’t attempt the climb down right away. Nor did Rob. We contemplated the scene for awhile.

Above: Rob contemplating the scene.

Maybe a minute after I took this iPhone pic of Rob, a very blonde young woman asked Rob to take her picture with her Phone. She said thanks and scrambled down the rocks in her flip flops, Hawaiian shorty dress blowing in the breeze. I watched her go down those rocks with some envy. I wanted to be “That Girl”.
When she got to the soft white sandy beach, she handed her camera to someone else to take another picture
of her with the rocky cove in the background. She pulled her dress over her head, put it and her camera on the beach and ran into the water. As I watched her in the waves, I thought, “Ray would love That Girl”. Then I realized I was That Girl…in 1972…in the Bahamas. And I started down those volcanic Hawaiian rocks to reclaim her!


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  1. p.s. “that girl” and I both wore bathing suits! this is not a scandalous blog.

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